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After receiving the E-Coupon, please login "Member Area > Discounts/Account Balance > E-Coupon Area" to check your serial number information to protect your E-Coupon usage rights.

Overseas member login to get $200 E-Coupon

I. 活動時間 Activity duration:1st Aug 00:00AM ~ 8th Aug 23:59PM, 2022 (GMT+8)

II. 活動辦法 Activity regulations:

For overseas members, just login within the period of activity duration to get one NT$200 E-Coupon per day/account, This limited-number offer is only available while stock lasts per day. For every purchase actual consumption over $1,699, you will get a discount equivalent to the amount of coupon. (Each coupon can be used one, and can only be used on a product in a single order).
The activity regulations is an announcement by While participating in this activity, participants are deemed to recognize and accept the notes and regulations of this activity. The has the right to decide to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this activity without notice in advance.
Any other matters shall follow the instruction of announcements by; reserve the final explanation and the rights of decisions. Participants are deemed to accept and comply the police and activity announcements by, if not the participants is immediately excluded from the activity.

III. 注意事項 Notes:

Oversea member is limited to personal data located at oversea areas.

The E-Coupon you received will be deposited into your account. The E-Coupon serial number notification letter will be synchronically sent to your E-mail mailbox you registered in Should you fill out the information wrongly or other factors that results you for being unable to receive the notification, the holds no responsibility for the trouble caused.

IV. E-Coupon使用說明 E-Coupon instructions for use:

Daily sell limit of E-Coupon. Each person is entitled to get one E-Coupon once per day ,the activity will end whenever the E-Coupons are sold out each day, but will be reopened the following day.

E-Coupon validity period: 1st Aug ~ 8th Aug, 2022. Not valid after the specified date.

●E-Coupon抵用辦法 E-Coupon Redemption method:

  1. 同一商品不可同時抵用E-Coupon與單品折價券。
    An E-coupon cannot be used in conjunction with a product discount coupon on the same product.
  2. 單筆訂單同一商品只能抵用一組E-Coupon,同一商品購買數量1個以上,恕不累折。
    E-Coupon can only be used on a product in a single order. Discount won't be cumulative if there are more than 1 product of the same kind.
  3. 當E-Coupon有滿額折抵限制時,購買指定活動商品總金額需符合滿額條件方可折抵。
    If the E-Coupon has a restriction of discount per specific amount of purchase made, the discount is only eligible when the purchase amount reaches the specific amount set by the organizer.
  4. 「實際消費金額」不包含:訂單處理費、運費、刷卡手續費、E-Coupon、單品折價券、購物金、結帳再折扣優惠。
    The order processing fee, shipping fee, credit card handling fee, E-Coupon, product discount coupon, Books Coins, promotional order discount are not part of actual consumption of purchase.
  5. 購物車內商品需有任一品項單價高於E-Coupon面額。若E-Coupon面額100元(含)以下,購物車內商品需有一項售價高於或等於$100方可折抵 。
    There must be a product of which the value is higher than the face value of the E-Coupon in the shopping cart. If the face value of the E-coupon is NT$100 or below, there must be a product of which the value is higher than NT$100 in the shopping cart.
  6. 不可與購物金、單品折價券併用, 企業採購、售票網、信用卡分期付款訂單、禮物卡、電子票券、紙本票券、一卡通、數位沖印、電子書訂閱商品,不可抵用E-Coupon 。
    E-Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with Books Coins or Product discount coupon, also cannot be used for business procurement, ticket service online, credit card payment in installment, purchase of a gift card, e-ticket, paper ticket, iPass, photo service, e-books subscription.
  7. 其他問題請參考:E-Coupon使用說明。
    For other questions, please refer to: product coupon instructions for use.