The activity has already ended!

After receiving the E-Coupon, please login "Member Area > Discounts/Account Balance > E-Coupon Area" to check your serial number information to protect your E-Coupon usage rights.

Overseas member login to get $200 E-Coupon [Event Description]

I. Activity duration:7th Aug ~ 7th Sep, 2018

II. Activity regulations:

  1. For overseas members, just login within the anniversary period of 7th Aug ~ 7th Sept 2018 to get one NT$200 E-Coupon. For every purchase of $1,699 (inclusive) or above, you will get a discount equivalent to the amount of E-Coupon.(Daily limited, each ID is entitled to get one E-coupon once. This limited-number offer is only available while stock lasts).
  2. While participating in this activity, participants are deemed to accept the regulations of this activity. The has the right to decide to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this activity.

III. Notes:

The E-Coupon you received will be deposited into your E-Coupon account. The E-Coupon serial number notification letter will be synchronically sent to your E-mail mailbox you registered in Should you fill out the information wrongly or other factors that results you for being unable to receive the notification, the holds no responsibility for the trouble caused.

IV. E-Coupon instructions for use:

●Daily sell limit of E-Coupon. The activity will end whenever the E-coupons are sold out each day, but will be reopened the following day.

●E-Coupon validity period: 7th Aug ~ 7th Sep, 2018. Not valid after the specified date.

●Use threshold of E-Coupon:

  1. One transaction is limited to one E-Coupon.
  2. E-Coupon can only be used for a commodity of unit price higher than $200.
  3. E-Coupon is not eligible to be used by and corporate who purchased it, and members who use credit card for installment payment.
  4. For any cancelled transaction, returned good or money, and other disputes, the E-Coupon that had been used will be returned with its original serial number. No extension period will be entertained.
  5. For other questions, please refer to: E-Coupon Instructions for Use.