2004年由自行車愛好者Simon Mottram於倫敦成立的Rapha,是第一個將美利奴羊毛製成純色自行車衣,讓車衣成為時尚服裝。基於創辦人對自行車的愛好,Rapha的許多系列產品除滿足專業自行車手需求外,也適合於城市中騎乘自行車的人們。該品牌並於歐洲、北美以及亞洲地區成立了超過20個會所,作為自行車使用者的聚會場所。現今,Rapha持續為自行車文化做出貢獻,以贊助商的角色參與各項推廣自行車的活動,這些活動同時也成為了激發及推動下一世代自行車文化的基礎。

Founded in London by cycling enthusiast Simon Mottram in 2004, Rapha became the first sportswear brand to design solid color cycling jerseys made of merino wool, revolutionizing cycling apparel into fashionable clothing. In line with the founder’s passion for cycling, Rapha’s many collections satisfy both professional and casual urban cyclists. The brand has also opened over 20 clubhouses throughout Europe, North America, and Asia to serve as community hubs for cyclists. Today, Rapha continues to contribute to cycling culture as a sponsor for events that promote the sport of cycling and foundations that inspire and empower the next generation.


BROMPTON的折疊單車最初是由其創辦人兼工程師Andrew Ritchie所推出。該品牌致力於推出頂級產品,並將"品質"作為其品牌形象中的重要元素。確實,BROMPTON提供了小巧的個人騎乘工具,使人們能在擁擠的市中心享受優質的騎乘體驗。

BROMPTON’s folding bike was first introduced by its founder and a lifelong engineer, Andrew Ritchie. The folding bike manufacturer is constantly committed to offering top- of- the-line products that it places “quality” as significant part of its brand identity. Indeed, BROMPTON continues to provide the public with compact, personal transport that ride superbly in congested downtown areas.