1.Support multiple devices.
Each account can access 1 web browser and 5 registered ios, android devices at the same time.
The Books.com Ebook app is compatible with: Apple (iOS): OS 12 and above; Android: Android 7 and above.
The Ebook Web eReader can be visited via Chrome, Safari and Edge web browser.
2.Pick up where you left of easily.
Your books, reading progess and notes are automatically synced.
3.No internet? No problem!
Books, audiobooks, videos can be downloaded to your iOS or Android devices and enjoyed while offline.
portable library on your iOS or Android devices
Getting around the App

App➤ Library│Manage your Books and Lists

App➤Read│Reflowable layout books

App➤Read│Fixed-layout books

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App➤Manage your Notes

App➤ Subscription│Add books and read

Web Browser
Using Chrome, Safari, Edge browser on PC or mobile devices to access your books anywhere.
Getting around the Web eReader
Notice: Purchased Audiobooks and vedios can only be opened using APP or Desktop web browsers. Mobile browsers are not supported.

Web➤Library│Manage your Books and Lists

Web➤Read│Reflowable eBooks

Web➤Read│Fixedlayout eBooks

Web➤Listen to│Audiobooks


Web➤Manage your Notes